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the nasdaq-100 index:
tracking innovation in large cap growth

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How well do you know the Nasdaq-100? With exchange-traded products tied to the index exceeding $60 billion, the Nasdaq-100 is one of the most widely tracked indexes in the world. 


Key takeaways:

  • Since its inception over 30 years ago, the Nasdaq-100 index has become the world’s preeminent large-cap growth index.
  • While the Nasdaq-100 is home to some of the most well-known names in technology— including Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Intel, and Facebook—the index also includes category-defining companies on the forefront of innovation in other key industries such as Amgen, Starbucks, and Tesla.
  • Since the introduction of index options in 1994, a wide assortment of financial products that track the Nasdaq-100 have been made available to investors. In total, notional value of all financial instruments that follow the index exceeds $1 trillion.

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